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Sylvie Croslard

Founder. producer, writer, podcaster, social media manager, mum( odd one out...), neomonastic of CAH, has a healing ministry online and offline( St John's Southall Green).

Rev Simon Reed

Simon speaks about Celtic Christian spirituality and neomoasticism.

Minister of an Anglican parish in London, Simon co-leads the Celtic inspired Community of Aidan and Hilda, a dispersed new monastic community.  His books Creating Community and Followers of the Way (published by BRF) explore Celtic insights into discipleship and church.

Jenni A Schubring

Jenni teaches regularly on Ablaze, here's about her: 

It is my mission to empower people by providing a process that helps them grapple with who they are to uncover the truth so they can be their best selves as they uniquely contribute to their world.